Unveiling the Mountains: Our North Georgia Vacation Home Transformation

We recently bought a vacation home in the North Georgia mountains. It’s a beautiful place, surrounded by forest. But there was a problem. The trees were so thick that we couldn’t see the mountains. We knew we had to find a solution. We wanted to enjoy the stunning views without harming the forest we loved.

That’s when we found a local forestry company. They had a excavating machine with a excavator mulching head. This machine could clear away the overgrowth without ruining the rest of the forest. We knew this was the answer.

We worked with the company to create a plan. We didn’t want to clear all the trees. We wanted to keep the forest beautiful. The goal was to create a window to the mountains. The Progrind machine was so awesome.

The work started, and it was amazing to watch. After a few hours, we could see more of the mountains. The team led by Mr. Jack (as the kids called him) took care to keep the forest healthy. They removed trees and shrubs that were in the way, but they made sure to leave the forest looking great.

After a few days, the work was done. The result was better than we could have imagined. Our house, once hidden in the trees, now had a beautiful view of the mountains. The forest was still beautiful, but now we could see the stunning landscape beyond.

What’s really cools is that the forest floor is clean and doesn’t look like the typical logging operation when through there.

Now, we spend our evenings watching the sunset over the mountains. The colors in the sky change from orange to purple, lighting up the peaks. It’s a beautiful sight. We’re grateful for the forestry company and team. They helped us enjoy our new home without harming the forest.

This experience taught us something. With the right tools and help, we can make our homes better while still caring for nature. As we watch the sunset, we’re thankful for the work that was done. Our dream of a mountain view has come true.


The Perfect Family Vacation: All Decked Out in Blue Ridge, GA

The Perfect Family Vacation

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive family vacation experience, look no further than the All Decked Out cabin in Blue Ridge, GA! Located in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, this cabin offers luxurious accommodations and amenities while still being conveniently close to town.

Blue Ridge, GA

Located along Hwy 60 and near a marina, Blue Ridge, Georgia is a mountain town perfect for enjoying family vacations. For a weekend or week-long getaway, renting a vacation rental could be just what you need to unplug from your daily routine. Mountain cabin rentals offer both short-term and long-term vacation rentals that come with everything you’ll need for your stay; from wifi to cookware! Tons of fun!

Blue Ridge Family Vacation

Cabin Amenities

From the hot tub to the fire-pit, there are plenty of entertainment options at the cabin that kept the kids busy. In addition to a game room with pool table and darts, there’s also a comfortable couch, a TV and kitchen to enjoy. There are also six televisions throughout — one in each bedroom (or, really six bedrooms) as well as several in other areas throughout the house (including two outside). You can stream directly from your laptop or mobile device on any TV with a HDMI cable, which made it easy to watch Netflix in the evenings. The cabin was big enough for our family but also for our parents that came to visit and stay a couple nights.

Things To Do

During the day we spent time hiking on trails to waterfalls, and visited the stores in downtown blue ridge. In addition to sightseeing, there are plenty of things to do with your family at night. We enjoyed s’mores around a firepit while playing games in our game room. We also took advantage of our hot tub under stars and watched a movie in our living room—it was so relaxing! If you’re looking for a cabin rental in North Georgia that can accommodate your whole family, look no further than the All Decked Out Cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia!

One Night In

While we ventured out most days, we spent several evenings watching movies and playing games in the game room. The kids enjoyed the hot tub while I grilled steaks on the grill overlooking the Blue Ridge mountains. During our stay at All Decked Out, we were able to do a lot of indoor activities like play board games, watch movies and spend time together as a family. There was even a hot tub for relaxing after spending time outdoors hiking around some of the beautiful trails that surround Lake Blue Ridge.

Restaurant Recommendations

In downtown Blue Ridge there are so many restaurants to choose from, but one of our favorite was Cantaberry. They have a wonderful menu with everything you could want for a night out with your family. From soups, sandwiches and salads, they have it all! Our whole family enjoyed their food and we can’t wait to go back again soon! There are so many places to eat around town, each place is sure to provide great service and fresh food at an affordable price. The only problem is deciding which location is best! We also really enjoyed Margaritas Mexican Restaurant on Main Street in Blue Ridge, GA. With such a diverse menu, we were able to try new things that had never been tried before. We ordered everything from traditional tacos to fish tacos that tasted like no other fish taco I had ever tried before.

See You in the Fall, Blue Ridge

We’re looking forward to visiting Blue Ridge in the fall for another vacation. This time we plan on staying at a different cabin on the river so the kids can fish.

Family Time

Family Time: Stocking up on firewood for our fire pit!

Stocking Up On Firewood!

What a beautiful weekend in GA, where the fall climate presents the perfect opportunity to spend some time outdoors with family.  One of our favorite activities is to sit around a fire pit in the evenings and roast marshmallows.  Instead of hanging around in the house, we decided to get outdoors and restock our firewood supply.  We purchased our firewood from the Mule Barn on Cumming HWY.

Cedar Storage Rack for Firewood

Our Cedar Firewood Storage

We store our firewood in the cedar wood rack that we purchased from Norcross Supply Company in Norcross GA.  They had the largest selection of cedar lumber with competitive prices.  We go there often for our woodworking projects that need cedar for its durability.


Outdoor Backpacks

5 Reasons We Love The Osprey Nebula Backpack

If you’re looking for an awesome day-pack that is great for the trail, taking the kids out to a ball game, or even carrying your laptop around, look no further than the Osprey Nebula.  Here are 5 reasons I love the pack, and I think you will too!


The Osprey Warranty

Osprey has what they call the All Mighty Guarantee.  Its basically a lifetime guarantee where they will fix any Osprey pack free of charge.  I’m hard on my gear, so I like the idea of a lifetime warranty – and just shows that the company stands behind their product.

Laptop Storage

I had multiple packs.  One for work, one for the trail, etc.  I wanted a pack that would perform outdoors, but could also be used to tote all my tech gear around.  The Osprey Nebula has a nice padded pocket for laptops, tablets, etc.


Durable Construction

Have you ever pulled on a zipper and it comes undone?  It sucks.  You can even try to fix it, but its never quite right.  The Nebula has durable metal zippers.  They stay zipped.  An even if they did break, you can count on Osprey to fix the pack for FREE!  The fabric on the Nebula is also durable and water resistant.


Drink Pockets

Ok, so most packs have pockets for drinks, but if they’re not made correctly, which many of them aren’t,  your drinks fall out of the pockets when the pack isn’t upright.  The Nebula has straps that tighten around your bottles – and they stay put!

Even More Pockets

Many of the day packs I looked at didn’t have enough pockets.  Because I wanted one pack that I used for many activities, I wanted lots of pockets to store electronics, knives, and other items.  Now that I have the Nebula, I don’t have to walk around with full pockets, which is nice!